Work-Study Job Request, University of California, Berkeley
Job Title: Student Assistant II Employer: L&S Biological Sciences
Hourly Rate: $ 17.00 Positions: 3
Start Date: When filled
Remote Work Possible:     Remote work accommodation may be possible at the employer’s discretion

Under supervision, students perform duties ranging from unskilled to skilled and/or specialized in a variety of positions that typically require the use of manual, clerical, advising, public contact, and/or analytical skills, and perform other related duties as required.

Work performed ranges from a variety of semi-skilled clerical/manual duties under supervision to performing a variety of complex duties with specialized skills in support of academic research projects under general supervision.

Work study student positions work is characterized by the generally temporary nature of appointments, the general absence of continuing responsibility for the work performed, and the diversity of duties that may be assigned.

The nature of work in the Student Series is based on the relative degree of difficulty inherent in the manual, clerical, advising, public contact, and/or research related duties performed; the extent of assigned responsibility for coordinating the work of other employees.

Typical duties performed are determined by the special requirements of the position involved.

Incumbents for positions included in the Student series are expected to have the ability to read, write, perform basic arithmetic calculations, follow oral instructions and possess the skills, knowledge, and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.

Note: Please provide below specific job details and specific minimum qualification requirements for this job posting.

This work-study position will be an opportunity for undergraduates to get involved in research with the Boots Lab ( in Integrative Biology. The lab studies infectious disease ecology and evolution through a variety of methods, including a moth and virus experimental lab model system. This position will include both general lab maintenance and assistance on ongoing experiments with the lab. Lab maintenance tasks include maintaining selection lines of moths, making insect food, and performing various cleaning tasks around the lab. The students hired into the position will also assist with passaging and assays for an ongoing experiential evolution project looking at the interaction of spatial structure and host genetic diversity on virus evolution. Scheduling: We would like to hire 3 students for 10-15 hours weekly each. Scheduling can be flexible with availability, but we will expect regular hours and would highly prefer availability for a long block on Tuesdays. We would prefer applicants who can continue in the Spring semester and welcome students who may be interested in being a part of our lab for multiple years.
Qualifications: Qualifications: The applicant must be organized, reliable, independent, and have good communication skills. Previous research experience is a plus, but not required. Biology majors and students interested in evolutionary biology and infectious diseases would be preferred. Covid-19 Notes: This position is for in-person work at Berkeley. Some of this work will involve working with 1-3 people in the lab at a time (with masks), so the hire must be willing to comply with all local, campus, and lab policies regarding coronavirus safety. To Apply: Please email a resume and short statement on why you are interested in the position to Elisa Visher ( First review of applicants will happen on Aug 12 so please submit by then for full consideration. Afterwards, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the positions are filled.